The Last Flowers of Summer

Summer is almost over, so I decided to take some photos of the last flowers of the season.

A combination of allergies, high wind and LCD screen glare, meant that these photograph didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. Ah, well.

a photograph of a white sweet clover cluster
White Sweet Clover


a photograph of some blueweed flowers


a photograph of a yellow wood sorrel flower
Yellow Wood Sorrel


a photograph of a red clover bloom
Red Clover


a photograph of some queen anne's lace
Queen Anne’s Lace


a photograph of some purpler cone flowers
Purple Cone Flower


a photograph of a new england aster flower
New England Aster


a photograph of a morning glory bloom
Morning Glory


a photograph of some heath aster flowers
Heath Aster


a photograph of some goldenrod


a photograph of a butterfly bush
Butterfly Bush


a photograph of some Butter and Eggs blooms
Butter and Eggs

Attack of the Isty Bitsy Spiders

About a month ago, I got up, in the morning, to walk the dog. The field we walked through was filled with hundreds of dew-covered spider webs.

a photograph of a field filled with spider webs
I had to walk the dog through this.

Every single one of those white patches is a spider web.

a photograph of some weeds covered with spider webs
You get a bit itchy just looking at it. 


another photograph of some weeds covered with spider webs


a photograph of a dew-covered web with a spider in the middle
This guy mostly caught a bunch of water.


another photograph of a spider web covered in dew
Nobody was home in this web.


a photograph of a spider web covered in dew
I thought that this one was very pretty.

The next day, all the webs were gone, or, maybe, it just seemed that way because there wasn’t as much dew to make them visible.

Yeah, so, I really need to get into the habit of posting my photographs right away, instead of waiting a month, or more.

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