Instagram Dump #13

I don’t know why I link to my Instagram account. Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook is ruining the world.

a photo of the cap off of a radeberger pilsner bottle

I don’t remember at all what Radeberger Pilsner tastes like, but I thought it was important enough to take a photo of the cap.

a closeup of the text from two face sheet masks. one read "hydrating and soothing" and the other reads "moisturizing and soothing"

What is the difference between “hydrating” and “moisturizing”? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!?

a photo of and amazon order of yarn that came in three separate box and an envelope

This was one order of yarn from Amazon that came in three separate boxes and an envelope. There was also some air bags and paper packing, because we wouldn’t want the yarn to break.

a photo of a weird sticker thing that reads "SUPER-CLEAN Do Not Eat"
What does it mean!?

This weird sticker thing was in a purse that I bought. I have no idea what it means or what it was for.

a photo of a camera that has been jury-rigged to film upside down

I jury-rigged my crappy camera to film upside down to record a horrible video about fidget spinners.

a photo of a tye-dyed fidget spinner

And here is one of the fidget spinners!

a photo of a saw blade-shaped fidget spinner with a checkerboard pattern on it

And here is another fidget spinner!

a photo of a fidget spinner with a bluetooth speak embedded in it

This fidget spinner has a bluetooth speaker in it. I don’t know why. I don’t know why fidget spinners exist in the first place.

a photo of a fidget spinner with four gears in it

The gears in this fidget spinner don’t actually move when it is spinning. I’m very upset about that.

a metal fidget spinner that is shaped like the orchid from the hong kong flag
Hong Kong!

I thought that this fidget spinner was shaped like a regular flower at first, but then I noticed it was, in fact, shaped like the flower from the Hong Kong flag.

an image of a glitch generated by a broken cellphone camera

This is a glitch that my old cellphone’s camera generated as it was dying. RIP old cellphone.

a photo of a talking witch halloween decoration

I think that these talking Halloween decorations are really annoying.

a photo of a gold skeleton pocket watch
Timey Wimey!

I got this watch off of AliExpress and it doesn’t keep time very well.

Looks neat, though.

a photo of a pile of louisiana style hot sauce packets

The fried chicken places always gives us a lot of hot sauce.

a photo of a box of grace peanut punch

Peanut punch is basically just water and milk added to peanut butter. It’s probably not healthy to drink it very often.

a photo of an eyeshadow palette with forty different colours

These shadows can pretty much only be applied wet. It’s nice to have a lot of different colours, though.

a photo of a sheet of canadian hockey legends stamps

Yes, that’s right, I snail-mail things. I’m old-school!

a photo of the underside of a cookie which reads "butter keks"

“Kek” is how Koreans laugh and it’s also the name of an Egyptian god. You learn something new every day.

a photo of a 2018 planner that reads "still dicking bimbos" on the cover

I thought that having a planner with something rude written on it was funny at the beginning of the year. It was not funny at the end of the year.

a photo of a plastic package with a tombow brush pen inside

This Tombow brush pen is pretty neat. I need to start practicing my calligraphy again.

That’s all for now. There will be more later. There’s ALWAYS more later.