Instagram Dump #14

Nobody should use Instagram. It’s terrible.

a photo of the label that canada post puts on mail that has been damaged

Canada Post is the worst. They’re always breaking things, losing them or being horrible slow.

a photo of three "aesthetic" notebooks

I believe these notebooks are what the kids these days call “aesthetic”.

a photo of a green leuchtturm notebook with an orange cat sticker on the cover

I stuck a cute kitty sticker on the front of this Leuchtturm notebook.

I have no idea how to pronouce “Leuchtturm”.

a photo of a kodak ektra cellphone

This is a Kodak Ektra cellphone. It has Android 6, a small battery and a Sony sensor, but it shoots in RAW and has a dedicated shutter button, so I enjoy it. It was also discounted by $300, so that was nice.

a photo of the dedicated shutter button on the kodak ektra cellphone

Look at the dedicated shutter button! Be amazed!

a photo of the leather case for the kodak ektra cellphone

This is the leather case for the Kodak Ektra cellphone. I got it for free because why would anybody want this?

a photo of a glass decanter that is blue with a pointy stopper

We don’t even put liquid in it, because it’s hard to clean, but this blue decanter is pretty to look at.

a photo of a green glass decanter with a design etched into its surface

This decanter is dirty on the inside. I like the pattern etched into it, though.

a photo of some shelves with a large amount of vhs tapes on them

My family has a large amount of VHS tapes. People tell me that the Disney tapes are worth a lot of money, but I’m not sure about that.

a closeup photo of a pinecone sitting in some snow

This is a pinecone. There are a lot of pinecones in Canada.

a photo of some rocks, roots and snow

Nature is beautiful. But it will eat you.

a photo of a pink rock candy and a blue rock candy

Rock candy is mostly a novelty. I don’t think the taste is all that great and the texture is unpleasant.

a photo of a hand wearing a giant jeweled ring with lots of jewels

This ring is WAY too bit for my tiny, weird child hand.

a photo of jewel earrings in green, blue, red and white

These earrings are heavy. I should get some of those earring support patches that go on the back of your earlobe, so my ear holes don’t get stretched out.

a photo of a tin of limited edition vaseline lip therapy in pink bubbly flavour

I think that they put out this limited edition Vaseline for the royal wedding. It is very special.

a photo of a very large metal crocodile neck that is encrusted with rhinestones

This necklace is very heavy. I probably should wear jewellry that can cause my body horrible damage.

a photo of a black rhinestone necklace with black rhinestone skulls hanging off of it

This necklace is for Valentine’s Day.

a photo of a yellow gudetama squeeze toy and a white gudetama squeeze toy

These are some Gudetama squeeze toy. I like Gudetama, but the character of a clinically depressed egg is a bit messed up for a country that has problems with metal health and suicide. The “I Love DB” hashtag is there because I wanted to win more squishies.

a photo of two yarn cakes

These are some Bernat Pop! yarn cakes in “moonshadow” and “paisley pop”.

I think that yarn cakes are mostly just for Instagram photos. There’s no added utility to the cake shape, it just looks pretty.

a comparison shot of a used, stretched-out yarn cake next to a fresh one
More Cakey!

And then the yarn cakes don’t even stay cake shaped. After using a yarn cake for a bit, they get stretched out.