Instagram Dump #1

I don’t really trust other websites with my files, so I’m backing up my Instagram photos here. A lot of these are complete crap, but I was unable to decide on a methodology for determining which ones should stay or go, so I’m uploading them all.

a photograph of a cake covered with white icing

I made this cake for my birthday. It had to be a gluten-fee cake, because my brother, Alex, has celiac disease.

a photo of a banana sitting on a counter

I thought it was really weird just how straight this banana was.

a photo of a usb to ps/2 adapter attached to a ps/2 to midi adapter

It’s a USB to PS/2 adapter attached to a PS/2 to MIDI adapter. I couldn’t get anything to work when attached to this configuration.

a photo of the sign for the forty creek distillery

Fun Fact: I passed out on a tour of the Forty Creek Distillery, because I had been fed recalled beef the night before. At least I didn’t die of listeria!

a photo of a purple fleabane flower outside

This is fleabane. It doesn’t really keep fleas away.

a photo of a plastic dagger to go with a women's halloween costume

What’s the difference between a she-dagger and a he-dagger?

a photo of a watch with its chain draped into a wine glass

This is my first-ever arst-fartsy Instagram photo. DOESN’T IT SUCK?

a photo of some paint cans and yard tools on a deck

These are some crude, yet mystical, digging tools.

a photo of a silk flower, a toy pig and a pearl necklace

The pig really ties this whole composition together.

a photo of a bolt, sitting on a step, with rays of sunlight shining on it

I wonder where this bolt came from? Something probably has compromised structural integrity now.

a photo of an eight of cups tarot card

The Eight of Cup tarot card means that we’re all doomed. DOOMED!

a photo of a bunch of bags of naked barbies hanging in a thrift store

Who the Hell would want to buy a bunch of janky, old naked Barbies?

a photo of a box of president's choice bran flakes cereal

Yep. That sure is a box of bran flakes.

a photo of five different pairs of glasses lined up

I have owned a lot of different pairs of glasses in my life.

a photo five different pairs of glasses lined up from a different angle

Why am I so blind?

a photo of a tree with its leaves turning orange for fall

Isn’t Autumn beautiful?

a photo of some cranberries withering on the bush during fall

We had this cranberry bush in our backyard my whole life and I have never tasted the berries. I’m not even sure if they’re the kind you can eat.

a photo of a light-up ceramic christmas tree

My mom found this Christmas tree thing at the dump. It think that it should have stayed there.

a photo of a "resurrect eggs" carton

I never opened this Resurrection Eggs thing, because the container was really grody-looking, but now I kinda wished that I had.

a photo of a brown toy car sitting on a brown boot

A brown car on a brown boot. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Well, that is all for now. There will be more later. Instagram doesn’t let you right-click save photos, so this has been a really annoying process.