Instagram Dump #2

Hey! Who wants to see some more of my terrible, terrible Instagram photography? Everybody! Everybody, that’s who!

a photo of white toy cars and some white cans of paint

This was from some weird project called “Chameleon Cars”. You were supposed to match cars with their surroundings. Well, you supposed to use actual cars. I used toy cars instead, just to be a smartass.

a photo of two green toy cars in some grass
That’s not a road!

The grass had not been mown in a while…

a photo of a yellow toy car sitting on a yellow volleyball
sports car on a sports ball

I think that that volleyball was used once before it was thrown into a corner of the garage and forgotten.

a photo of a black toy car sitting on the tire of a car

You can sort of see me in the reflection there.

a photo of a raffi bananaphone liner for a cassette case

Bananaphone nearly drove our mother to murder us. Raffi is the devil.

a photo of a glass of orange soda

Is orange soda or grape soda the greatest soda? I will drink both!

a photo of three AA batteries

Gotta love that ring on the table…

a photo of an artificial christmas tree decorated with chili lights

My mom told me to decorate our family’s crappy fake Christmass tree, so I put my chili lights on it. She did not appreciate this.

a photo of a fully-decorated artificial christmas tree

And here is the same Christmas tree decorated “properly”. Bleh.

a photo of a The Real Ghostbusters screaming heroes peter venkman and slimer toy

This a Real Ghostbusters toy. It’s much better than a Fake Ghostbusters toy.

a photo of some black briefs and some blue boxers

These are the underpants I got for Christmas in 2012.

a photo of a canon rebel t2i camera

Hey, it’s the DSLR I got myself so that I could take better photos, but I still mostly use my crappy cellphone, because, unlike this big guy, I can fit a cellphone in my purse.

a photo of a blacked boot laced-up with a brown lace

I broke the laces on one of my Doc Martens and the only laces I had to replace them were brown. I was so ashamed of myself.

a photo of a Chewbacca toy

This is a Chewbacca toy, I guess. I think… It might be a bootleg.

a photo of a weird decoration with three cats doing a strange salute

I saw this weird thing in a thrift store. It might be a candle holder? Anyway, the cats look like they’re doing a Nazi salute.

a photo of a darth vader doll wearing bunny ears
Luke, I am your bunny!

It’s a Darth Vader doll wearing bunny ears for Easter! Why is this a thing that exists? I blame Disney.

a photo of a package of thrills gum

This is Thrills Gum. It tastes like soap. Don’t ask. It’s a Canadian thing.

a photo of a box of cadbury creme egg snack cakes

These hardly tasted like Cadbury Creme Eggs at all.

a photo of a mobility scooter at a walmart
Riding in style!

I wonder, if you swabbed the seat on one these Walmart scooters, what kind of horrible germs would you find?

a photo of a plate of olives, turkey, peas, potatoes and stuffing covered in gravy

This was Easter Dinner 2013. It was very tasty.

Whelp, that’s all for this post. I think I’m going to limit the dumps to twenty photos. Yeah, that seems like a good number.