Instagram Dump #10

My Instagram is overflowing with photos again, so I’m going to make you look at them.

a photo of some chipped white paint
Chip Chip Chippy

It’s some chipped paint. This is interesting.

a photo of two pairs of lady's boxer shorts
Not Your Granny’s Panties

I got tired of my underpants riding up my ass, so I bought some boxer shorts.

a photo of some frozen banana and blueberry cream

I made this frozen banana and blueberry goop with my Yonanas. It was very tasty.

two windmill patterns made from rib bones
Spooky! Spooky!

I made some spicy ribs and then played with the bare bones afterwards.

a windmill pattern made from rib bones

There’s something wrong with me.

a bunch of rowan tree berries
Very Berry

I just looked in up and these are the berries of the rowan tree. I didn’t taste them because I thought they were poisonous, but they’re edible. My policy is to leave wild berries for the birds, instead of eating them myself, though.

a closeup photo of some rowan berries
Blurry Berry

This phone was really bad with blurry things constantly.

rowan berries lined up in a square pattern

Hey look! It’s my autism!

a photo of a rowan twig and berry

This is supposed to represent the circle of life… or something.

photo of president's choice pulled pork poutine kit box
Ow my heart!

This poutine was pretty tasty, but you can get fresh poutine from a restaurant for the same price.

a photo of six plastic bottle caps

I drink too much diet pop.

a photo of a pyramid made from plastic bottle caps

Arranging this and taking this photo was a really good use of my time.

a photo of a president's choice speculoos cookie butter jar

It’s speculoos cookies ground up and made spreadable. I ate the whole jar with a spoon.

a photo of president's choice world of flavours butter chicken pizza box

I can never find a good Indian restaurant near where I live.

a photo of president's choice world of flavours cheeseburger spring rolls  box

These cheeseburger spring rolls were really bizarre and greasy. They also had pickles and mustard inside.

a photo of hutchison's ginger wine and diet dr pepper

I mixed Hutchison’s Ginger Wine and Diet Dr. Pepper together. I saw through time.

a photo of gingerbread men peeps

Yep. Gingerbread-flavoured PeepsPeeps always make me feel sick to my stomach. These were no exception.

a photo of a resealable caramilk bar wrapper
But why?

Does anybody ever save part of a chocolate bar for later? Why in the world would a chocolate bar wrapper have to be resealable ever?

a photo of jimmy dean blueberry pancakes & sausage on a stick box

Jimmy Dean Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage On A Stick doesn’t actually have any blueberries in it. It’s just corn syrup dyed purple. They’re pretty damn gross. Americans are weird.

photo of larry the cable guy beer batter and buttermilk biscuits boxes
Ew. Ew. Ew.

Larry the Cable Guy branded food, eh? Are the biscuits 75% forearm hair, then?


That is all for today! Go eat something gross! That’s what I’m going to do!