Instagram Dump #6

More Instagram photos? When will this end? Haven’t we all suffered enough?

a photo of a whole tonne of cookies on a plate

I really, really like cookies.

a photo of some old potatoes that have sprung roots

Is it a good idea to eat potatoes when they have grown roots this long?

a photo of cookies on a tray that have spread out too much

These cookies spread out too much. Sometimes you have to chill your dough before you bake it.

a photo of some letters that spell out "TOMER KING"
Hail to the king!

Who is the Tomer King?

a photo of a metal and rubber bottle stopper

This is a bottle stopper. Why would anyone want to stop wine?

a photo of a gummy cherry, gummy strawberry, gummy rootbeer, gummy shark and gummy worm on a plate

I really need to be kinder to my teeth…

a photo of a bowl of chili

I used a yellow filter to make this chili look extra gross.

a photo of a giant pile of packaging air bags
So, so wasteful.

If I recalled correctly, all of these air bags were needed to protect a lip balm.

a photo of two topslice hotdog buns on a plate

They were all out of normal hotdog buns at the grocery store, so I had to get these rectangular monstrosities.

a photo of a pair of pineapple shaped earrings

These are my pineapple earrings. I don’t even like pineapple.

a photo of a sleeman honey brown lager label

Sometimes, Americans ask me if my favourite beer is Molson or LaBatt’s and I just laugh ruefully. Ah, Sleeman, a beer so good, we won’t let them sell it in the United States.

a photo of a large fallen branch

This large branch was downed during Hurricane Arthur.

a photo of some strange yellow sprouts

I don’t know what these yellow things are. Wild alfalfa sprouts? If you know what these are, tell me in the comments.

a photo of a rubik's cube with pictures of clown on all the squares

This is like the puzzle box from Hellraiser. What do you call a Rubik’s Cube that isn’t actually Rubik’s brand?

a photo of a yonanas machine squirting out banana goo

I got myself a Yonanas machine so that I could have delicious frozen banana goop desserts.

a photo of a hungry man mexican fiesta box

I ate the Hungry-Man Mexican Fiesta and then I died of some sort of poisoning.

a photo of two smores pop-tarts on a plate

I ate the Smores Pop-Tarts and then I died of some sort of poisoning.

a photo of a yellow green crayon and a green yellow crayon
Someone divided by zero!

Shouldn’t these be the same colour?

a photo of eleven different coloured nail polishes

Eleven nail polishes? Why, that’s a different colour for every one of my fingers!

a photo of a bottle of blue cuticle oil

This is some cuticle oil and it’s not nearly as good as the cuticle oil that I had bought previously from The Body Shop.

That’s all for now. I’m going back to bed.