Instagram Dump #3

What!? More photos from my Instagram account? What is this, some sort of miracle?

a photo of a bag of president's choice world of flavours maple bacon potato chips

Welcome to Canada, where we put maple syrup on everything.

a photo of a barbie doll labelled "fashion stamper tampon mode"

I thought that “Fashion Stamper Tampon Mode” sounded funny. I am a child.

a photo of a television sitting on a table in the forest

This weird photo was for a project I ended up not doing. Hey, look, you can see me in the reflection on the TV screen.

a photo of a purple and white pansy

I like buying those hanging baskets of pansies from the grocery store and murdering them through my horticultural ineptitude.

a photo of some pink crabapple blossoms, there is a beetle hidden amongst the petals

If you look closely, you can see a little bug dude hanging out in these blossoms.

a photo of some white crabapple blossoms

These are pretty much the same as the previous crabapple blossoms, only these ones are more whiter and junk.

a photo of some wild strawberry blossoms

Wild strawberries are very tasty, but I like to leave them for the birds.

a photo of some lily-of-the-valley flowers

Lily-of-the-valley flowers are so cute. They smell good too.

a photo two dandelion flowers, one of the flowers is only partially open

I always thought that dandelions were very pretty and they’re much more interesting than a boring homogeneous lawn.

a photo of some forget-me-not flowers

I totally forgot these flowers.

a photo of some lilac flowers

In certain suburbs, there are some many lilac bushes that the smell can become overpowering. I think it’s places where lots of old ladies live. Old ladies love lilacs.

a photo of a tick in a ziploc baggy

I found this gross tick on my doggy. Apparently, you’re supposed save ticks that bite you or your pet, because they can autopsy them to look for diseases. It means that you have to keep a bag with a gross dead tick sitting around your house, though.

a photo of a bunch of yellow no name products sitting on a counter

No Name does too make good food. I am not cheap or anyhing. *shifty eyes*

a photo of a can of flakes of ham sitting on a can of flakes of chicken sitting on a can of flakes of turkey sitting on a counter
So many flakes!

Is there a meat they can’t flake?

a photo of a crack in some cement

Yep. That sure is a crack alright.

a photo of a hand holding an orange with a sequoia sticker on it

Oranges are nutritious and junk. Is the nail on my thumb too long here? I don’t know from nail grooming.

a photo of ten different coloured pens lined up

These are crap for drawing with and crap for writing with.

a photo of a deer faraway in a field

Can you spot the deer in this field? I can’t.

a photo of a giant container of market pantry puffed cheese balls

My older brother got me this giant thing of cheese puffs from Target for my birthday, because my brother is weird. Anyway, there is no more Target in Canada, but I still have a bunch of their cheese puffs to eat.

a photo of a broken zipper on a brown boot

Why are the zippers on things always breaking on me? These boots weren’t even that old. Is it because they’re using crappy nylon zippers, now, instead of metal ones?

20 more photos, but still many more to go…