Instagram Dump #4

I know you’re dying for more photos from my craptastical Instagram account, and I shall not disappoint you, my lovelies!

a photo of some plaid airwalk sneakers in their box

I love sneakers. They’re practically the only things I ever wear on my feet.

a photo of a daddy long legs on a wall

This daddy long legs was on my bedroom wall. Spying on me, it was.

a photo of a spider hanging upside-down

I like spiders, actually because they eat critters that I don’t like.

a photo of a box of twinning chai pumpkin spice tea

This chai tea didn’t really taste like pumpkins at all.

a black-and-white photo of an attic

This is my dead grandparent’s attic. The ladder leading to it is right next to the stairs, so your likelihood of killing yourself entering or exiting the attic is high.

a photo of a creepy closet

This is the weird closet in my dead grandparent’s basement. It had some sort of weird nest in the corner.

a photo of some creepy stairs leading to a basement
Don’t trip!

These are the stairs in my dead grandparent’s house. The handrail looks like some sort of animals clawed it up.

a photo of an old worktable

This is my dead grandfather’s worktable. He used to do framing for art.

a photo of a pandora charm bracelet knockoff

This looks like a Pandora charm bracelet… But it’s not.

a photo of two brownies sitting on a plate

Why, yes, I did need two brownies.

a photo of weirdly-shaped pork chops

I need to stop buying garbage cuts of meat.

a photo of a sensations british chocolate and toffee assortment tin

Yum! Nothing like the Sobey’s store brand sweets.

a photo of fifteen chocolate wrappers on a table
15 Chocolate Wrappers

Day one of eating chocolate…

a photo of twenty-eight chocolate wrappers on a table
28 Chocolate Wrappers

Day two of eating chocolate…

a photo of forty-two chocolate wrappers on a table
42 Chocolate Wrappers

Day three of eating chocolate…

a photo of fifty-one chocolate wrappers on a table
51 Chocolate Wrappers

Day four of eating chocolate…

a photo of fifty-seven chocolate wrappers on a table
57 Chocolate Wrappers

Day five of eating chocolates and then there were no more chocolates to be had, but, like, they were only little chocolates, so I’m not a pig or nothing. *shifty eyes*

a photo of an envelope from the nova scotia home for colored children

I got a letter in the mail soliciting donation for The Nova Scotia How For Colored Children. Who uses the term “colored” anymore? Why the Hell would they I’d give money to them? Apparently, a bunch of children were abused there, so, really, the balls on these people daring to ask for money.

a photo of some carrots, celery, tomatoes, onions and garlic all chopped up

All these vegetables were for a slow cooker recipe. I forget what meat they were cooked with.

a photo of some christmas presents and christmas crackers on a carpet

Two of those things are Christmas crackers. I hear that they don’t have crackers in the United States for their holidays? That seems sad.

Done with this post, but there’s still so much more. SO MUCH MORE!