Instagram Dump #7

This is going to be my last Instagram Dump for a while, thank Satan. I hope you relish as much as I.

a photo of a red cellphone stylus

This is the stylus I use when I make stupid doodles on my cellphone.

a photo of a blue and white knitting project in progress

This is from a sweater I was knitting in syncopated brioche stitch. It still isn’t done.

a photo of a pumpkin surrounded by bottles of apple juice next to some christmas wrapping paper in a grocery store

I thought this was a weird juxtaposition: Halloween stuff next to Christmas stuff.

a photo of a green mug full of tea

I always drink tea out of a mug, instead of a cup. It makes British people angry.

a photo of a reese big cup wrapper

I was proud of myself for getting this wrapper open all in one piece. Note: Reese Big Cups aren’t actually that big. They’re just the size that the cups used to be when I was a kid.

a photo of four twisted metal rings in four different colours

I photographed these rings at kind of a weird angle. They look all Dutch and stuff.

a photo of six halloween smarties scaries boxes

I ordered these Smarties Scaries to give out on Halloween, but they arrived well after, so I was forced to eat them all myself. It was awful.

a photo of a plubob usb drive from the sims 3 collector's edition

This plubob USB drive/keychain came with The Sims 3 Collector’s Edition. It only holds 2gb, so it’s next to useless, but it sure is pretty.

a photo of a dutch baby pancake

I went through this phase where I kept having Dutch babies for breakfast. I really need to get a cast iron skillet to do them properly, though.

a photo of the inside of a kaleidoscope, it features blue, pink, red and yellow crystals

I really like taking kaleidoscope photos.

a photo of the inside of a kaleidoscope it is full of blue, yellow, red, purple and orange crystals

I really, really like taking kaleidoscope photos.

a photo of a wall with a large piece of plaster missing

A large chunk was taken out of this wall when my mother dropped a piece of furniture out of the attic.

a photo of a dead leaf sitting on a brick floor

This lead represents Autumn.

a photo of an assortment of rings arranged in a geometric pattern
To many rings!

This would have looked way better, if only my stupid phone could focus.

a photo of a aloha hawaii strawberry kiwi eos lip balm, a passion fruit eos lip balm, a st. barth's sunrise pink grapefruit eos lip balm and an indian summer orange blossom eos lip balm

I own way too many EOS lip balms.

a photo of assorted sleeman beer bottle caps arranged in a triangular patter

Getting artsy-fartsy with beer.


a photo of a chicken cooking in a slow cooker

I love cooking chickens in my slow cooker. They come out very tender.

a photo of a roasted chicken and vegetables in a pan

I usually put the chicken and the vegetable under the broiler, after slow cooking them, to crisp up the outsides a little.

a photo of a path dug through a snowbank

This is a path that I dug through a snowbank. It was hard, because the only shovel I had at my disposal was a flimsy plastic one.

a photo of a snowdrift reaching almost up to the windows of a house

It snowed way, way too much. I don’t think it’s all going to melt until June.

That’s all for now. See you later. Or not.